• Paul Millerd

    Paul Millerd

    The future of work is about doing less work @ www.think-boundless.com & 📩 boundless.substack.com

  • Daniel Burwitz

    Daniel Burwitz

  • Kenneth Trueman

    Kenneth Trueman

    Amateur historian. Cunning linguist. Studious cinephile. Fleet-footed marathoner. Avid cyclist. Urbane photographer. Gifted polymath. 2e. http://polymathi.ca/

  • Ertugrul Bayindir

    Ertugrul Bayindir

  • David R. Wheeler

    David R. Wheeler

    Journalism professor. Freelancer: @CNN, @TheAtlantic, @NYTimes, @CJR, @Newsweek. A Twitter user once said I need a “throat punch.” http://www.davidrwheeler.net

  • Rachel Pirani

    Rachel Pirani

    Free Critical Thinker,Truth Seeker,Disgusted by my government's corrupt criminality. Truth💛Justice💛Peace,Political Atheist,💕Humanity💕🌎💕

  • Gary L Scott

    Gary L Scott

    Photographer, Adventurer, Walker, Celiac. Chasing the road less traveled.

  • Logan LaHive

    Logan LaHive

    Working on getfrank.com

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